Design Methods_

Inspiration Card workshop

An Inspiration Card Workshop is a collaborative design event involving professional designers and participants with knowledge of the design domain in which domain and technology insight is combined to create design concepts. It is primarily used in the early stages of a design process, during which professional designers and their collaborators narrow down potential future designs. The goal of the workshop is to develop design concepts starting from Technology Cards and Domain Cards. A Technology Card represents either a specific technology or an application of one or more technologies. Domain Cards represent information about the domains for which we design. This information may pertain to situations, people, settings, themes, etc., from the domain.

Bad Ideas

The Bad Ideas method is used to generate koncepts and ideas. Basically the designers involved write down as many bad ideas connected to the specific design space as possible on small pieces of paper. Hereafter the bad ideas are either sketched on a large piece of paper or just verbally represented. Everybody shares their bad idea and then the group chooses the best bad ideas. Then each bad idea needs to be converted to a good idea. This method makes it easier to let go of any logic way of thinking so that your imagination and creativity is set free.

Cultural Probes

The cultural probe packages consists of maps, postcards, disposable cameras, log book, etc. The probes are designed to provoke inspirational responses from the user group. The probes is used as a strategy of pursuing experimental design in a responsive way. They address a common dilemma in developing projects for unfamiliar groups. Understanding the local cultures is sometimes necessary so that the design doesn’t seem irrelevant or arrogant and the good thing about probes is that it doesn't constrain the user group to our designs unduly by focusing on needs or desires they already understood. Instead it can be used to lead a discussion with the group toward unexpected ideas without us as designers dominating it.