Pusterum VR

Pusterum VR (Breathing Room VR) is a Virtual Reality application designed for the Google Daydream View platform. The virtual environment was developed in collaboration with Arne Knutinge-Kaas and Åte VR. Our product is now an integrated part of Åte VR’s VR therapy platform. Pusterum VR is a meditative VR experience. The video below demonstrates a simple use case of Pusterum VR.

Developed in collaboration with experts and users

Even though Pusterum VR easily could be used by anyone, our primary focus group was adults with ADHD. In collaboration with CSV-Aarhus, a special education center for adults, we interviewed ADHD-experts to gather useful insights to develop Pusterum VR, which finally was tested with actual users to secure the validation of the application.

The body and the process
An important aspect of the project is that we developed and used a design method in which we actively involved the body to generate the conceptual idea of Pusterum VR. In this part of the development of Pusterum VR we explored how we could recreate the experience of being inside a virtual reality to quickly gather insights in what kind of different elements and aspect is necessary to create an immersive and alluring environment.

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